Monday, November 15, 2004

Resources: books for members

Here are a few of the books available for loan to members of CT ISPI.

  • In Action : Improving Performance in Organizations, by William J. Rothwell, David D. DuBois, Jack J. Phillips

    This book offers practitioners who oversee full-service training programs, human resource development (HRD) practitioners, researchers, and line managers the framework for demonstrating how to go beyond training to apply a broad range of human performance improvement (HPI) solutions. The authors represent a mix of government, business, education, and nonprofit scenarios. Some of the 11 case studies are best practices, but most present more typical approaches to applying HPI in real-world settings.

  • E-Learning: Strategies for Delivering Knowledge in the Digital Age
    by Marc J. Rosenberg
    Written for professionals responsible for leading the revolution in workplace learning, E-Learning takes a broad, strategic perspective on corporate learning. This wake-up call for executives everywhere discusses:
    • Requirements for building a viable e-learning strategy
    • How online learning will change the nature of training organizations
    • Knowledge management and other new forms of e-learning

  • The Performance Consultant's Fieldbook : Tools and Techniques for Improving Organizations and People by Judith Hale

    This remarkable book is your skill-builder and resource guide. The step-by-step Fieldbook shows you how to make the professional transition to a performance consulting career.

    The Fieldbook details the techniques you need to conduct performance interventions and offers a customizable collection of worksheets, flowcharts, planning guides, and job aids. You'll use these resources to structure your presentations, to ensure clear communication, and to build client confidence.

    Employees don't need to learn more; they need to perform better. And as a performance consultant armed with Hale's Fieldbook, you will have the tools you need to effect measurable enhancements in performance.

  • Improving Performance : How to Manage the White Space in the Organization Chart (Jossey Bass Business and Management Series) by Geary A. Rummler, Alan P. Brache

    Streamline the processes vital to optimum performance

    With over 100,000 copies sold worldwide, Improving Performance is recognized as the book that launched the Process Improvement revolution. It was the first such approach to bridge the gap between organization strategy and the individual. Now, in this revised and expanded new edition, Rummler and Brache reflect on the key needs of organizations faced with today's challenge of managing change. With multiple charts, checklists, hands-on tools and case studies, the authors show how they implemented their Performance Improvement methodology in over 250 successful projects with clients such as Hewlett-Packard, 3M, Shell Oil, and Citibank.

  • Performance Intervention Maps: 36 Strategies for Solving Your Organization's Problems
    by Sivasailam, "Thiagi" Thiagarajan, Ethan S. Sanders

    While it might be easy to come up with a select few interventions you know a lot about, it's far tougher to spell out the full range of interventions available to trainers today, the benefits and limitations of each, and how they interrelate. This book helps you to gain a working knowledge of the best interventions for improving performance. Quickly locate and comprehend the differences and similarities of the interventions, and know how and when to use each. Learn from experienced practitioners in the field how these interventions are selected and implemented in all types of organizations.